Ceramic Coating with Westchester Auto Spa HQ

When you need extra protection for your vehicle’s paint job, Westchester Auto Spa HQ is here to provide you with premier ceramic coating services. Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the factory paint, creating a layer of protection that is durable, chemical-resistant, and glossy. Your car’s shine will be noticeably stronger, withstanding repeated car washes and repelling dirt and grease with ease. Stop wasting your time with regular waxing and please bring your vehicle in to Westchester Auto Spa HQ to treat it to one of our professional ceramic coatings today!

Ceramic Coating

Body $999.99 and Up
Windows $249.99
Rims | On $149.99 | Off $249.99
Leather Seats $199.99
Bike $449.99
Trims Ceramic coating $100

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